Aquatic Plants of Florida



September 11th, 2003

Aquatic Plants of Florida
Types of Wetland Plants

Wetland plants are grouped into the following four (4) categories:

A – Emergent Plants are rooted in the soil with basal portions growing below the water and photosynthetic parts mainly leaves, stems and reproductive organs are above the water surface. Emergent plants inhabit shallow water and will dominate submerged and floating leaved species in these habitats.

B – Submerged Plants grow entirely below the water. These plants are soft and flexible to adjust to water movement. Flowers of submerged plants are aerial and pollinated by insects and air currents.

C – Floating-leaved Plants float on the water surface, such as water lilies. They have leaves that are tough and leathery and have roots that anchor in the sustrate.

D – Floating Plants are unattached and their roots are suspended in the water. Duckweed and Water lettuce are common species