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Seed Cleaning

Aquatic Plants of Florida, Inc. provides customers with a timely, cost-effective solution for the cleaning native plant seed required for propagation of their plants in our greenhouses. We do not sell seed.

SeedClean, a division of Aquatic Plants of Florida, Inc., is located in Sarasota, FL, and utilizes advanced equipment specifically designed for commercial seed cleaning without causing damage and unwanted scarification to seed product.

Clean seed is essential for use in today’s mechanized liner seeding machines, which are prone to clogging from hull and chaff contaminants, a result of threshing.

Our labeled, vacuum packaging ensures your clean seeds are ready on-demand for contract growing at our facilities.

Our goal is provide customers with the cleanest seed possible in a packaging that facilitates easy storage and on-demand use. We also lease storage space to customers in our commercial refrigeration systems, which are supported by diesel powered back-up generators for system integrity.

We are dedicated to working with our customers to provide an ongoing service to suit their needs. After the initial set-up of our equipment, we save your individualized settings and screen sizes for future use.

We offer:

  • Testing
  • Seed drying
  • Cleaning
  • Packaging
  • Germinating
  • Propagation at our Facilities

At the facility, we achieve superior results through utilization of a multi-stage process, which begins when your material arrives at our Sarasota, FL, location via major carrier (e.g. UPS, FedEx) or customer delivery.

Common Questions:

Q1. What is SeedClean’s process for cleaning seed?

A1. Our cleaning process begins with an initial examination of unclean bulk seed that arrives at our Sarasota, FL facility.

We test seed using a digital moisture meter to determine if seed requires drying. Drying seed helps prevent impairment of the efficient separation of seed from hulls, chaffs, husks, stems, etc.

Next, we send dry seed through a proprietary four-step cleaning process developed over a decade of working with Native Plants. The process begins with a pre-cleaning of seed to prepare it for its journey through our mechanized and manual equipment. This process is followed by a final examination of seed. We view seed under a high-powered stereomicroscope to identify foreign matter – sand, dirt, mold, organisms and other undesirable material.

Lastly, we vacuum package the finished product and label it. Labels clearly indicate: date, common name, scientific name and weight (lbs/ozs).

Should a customer require, clean seed can be separated based on physical differences such as size, color and shape. This processing, conducted after the mentioned pre-cleaning, may be needed to further improve seed quality. This step is referred to as “upgrading operations” and is often an unnecessary expense for Native Plant growers who commonly hedge against non-germination by using multiple seeds for liner planting.

Q2. How quickly can you turn-around my order?

A2. It depends on whether we need to dry your seed before processing; but, generally speaking it takes only a few days from receipt. Customers can then store their seed with us or instruct us to propagate their plants.

Q3. Why grow from seed?

A3. There are many reasons to grow from seed versus propagation through tissue cultures or buying liners/potted plants from outside growers.

Tissue cultures are expensive and less suitable for on-demand volume growing due to their limited shelf life. Liner-grown plants are in high demand due to transferability so demand often outstrips supply during peak periods. Controlling supply via a cached seed source offsets inventory shortages. Also, growing from seed enables you to keep a thumb on quality control.

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