Aquatic Plants of Florida


38th Annual Natural Areas Conference

November 1st, 2011


TALLAHASSEE, FL – November 1, 2011 – Aquatic Plants of Florida, Inc. (Aquatic Plants) announced today it will exhibit at the 38th annual Natural Areas Conference held at Florida State University from November 1 – 4, 2011.

The conference is hosted by the Natural Areas Association (NAA) with co-host National Association of Exotic Pest Plant Councils (NAEPPC). This year’s event focuses on the adaptation and protection of biodiversity, in the face of climate change.

Session Topics:
Species and Communities Conservation, Invasive Exotic Species Management, Fire Management, Conservation Planning, Monitoring and Tracking of Species and Communities, Conservation at the Landscape Level, Forest Health, Cogongrass Control, Geologic and Climatic Factors in Conservation, Ecosystem and Habitat Restoration, and Current Research and Land Management Techniques.

Aquatic Plants provides federal, state, and local agencies with native plants and habitat restoration services for environmental projects in the US and Caribbean. The company also works with non-profit and civic groups to protect and rebuild natural resources.

Conference sessions and workshops will be held at the Florida State University Conference Center at 555 W. Pensacola Street, Tallahassee, FL 32306-1640. More information is available on the conference website at http://www.naturalarea.org/11conference/.